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About Us

We are BrassBoater LLC, a supplier of all boating goods and needs.  

  • Freshwater and Marine Boating Supplies
  • Watersports and Towables
  • All Boating Accessories

  • We look forward to serving you.


    Brass Boater LLC was founded in October of 2019, right before Covid-19 hit the United States. With plans to travel and cherry-pick our boating products starting in March of 2020, we soon realized that this would not be a reality, at least for a while. Many boating companies worldwide suddenly saw their travel calendars wiped. Brass Boater LLC mastered remote work during the lockdowns by working with many companies direct, and shipping products to our location to review and test. Not only did we have fun testing out the products, we were able to have a hands on approach to unpacking and using them. With a new speed and scale never seen before from our company, we were able to compare and choose the right products for the site. 



    With new technological boating innovations happening every day, Brass Boater LLC is committed to only providing the most popular products that leave the shelves quickly, making it easy for us to have happy, returning customers. Boat owners can now prepare for the seasons with a variety of resources, and more to come. Feel free to send us a product you would like to see in our store!

    We thank you for your business.


    The Brass Boater LLC Management Team